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Time savings

Are you looking for a creative template for your resume ? Then you are exactly right here. Choose one of our functional resume templates with examples and easily fill them with your information yourself! All of our samples are based on modern CVs, so they can be used when requested. You save a lot of time with these Word templates. Instead of investing this in developing a layout, you simply download a resume template online. Of course you have to insert the content yourself. But the layout in the template gives you the optimal line. In this way, you can complete your CV with application letters within a few minutes and send your application straight away.

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Optimal first impression

We design the resume patterns on the basis of harmony, color psychology and typography. In this way, all templates appear coherent and harmonious. By using designer fonts in our templates, you stand out from the crowd. We do not use the standard fonts found on Mac and Windows. This is how you achieve an optimal visual presentation of your skills.

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Design suitable for the job

With us you will not find general templates, but suitable designs for certain professional groups. The design is based on the personality profile of a job. In this way, the HR managers will immediately assign characteristics to you and your application that they would like the applicant to have. Resume Designs offers ideal patterns for high school, college students, young professionals, and experienced professionals. An appealing CV is not limited to a specific target group, but relevant for applicants of all ages . To make it easier for you to choose the right resume template for you, we have assigned categories to our samples. Of course, these requirements are not binding - any template can be used according to your taste .

About Resume Templates

A professional resume is the heart of your application. HR managers often read it first to gain an overview of the applicant's skills. The modern curriculum vitae must therefore contain all the qualifications required in the job advertisement. So be sure to be complete, to have a good structure and to have a clear structure. Your professional career must be able to be recorded quickly including further training, interests, hobbies. Professional resume templates in MS WORD can help you with this. No matter which jobs you apply for, whether after your studies or after your apprenticeship, whether in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, whether by printed form or online: you always need a good CV. To make it easier for you to apply, we have put together numerous resume templates and examples for various jobs. You can download these professional samples as a WORD file (or PDF) and use them privately several times.


Job-Winning Resume Templates

Writing a curriculum vitae is not too complicated if you are structured and take enough time . There is no point in starting with the preparation of this important application document if you cannot find any real peace and may be pressed for time. Accordingly, you should start creating your CV in good time. Resume Template sees itself as a small document, which transmits your personal and further professional information to your future company owner. If you want to write the good resume, you should be able to set the most appropriate keywords and phrases that will be included in your resume. The creation of a catchy and informative CV depends on numerous considerations. While most job seekers are proud of your future, there are certain things that you simply shouldn't in any way include in your life story. In addition, CV usually shows more details about the academic background and is quietly taken in close research and medicine. CVs often lack personality. If you are not familiar with resume writing, it is recommended that you use a resume template to get you started. A resume gives a brief overview of the applicant's life, especially his career history, his work experience and his academic qualifications.


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The template includes a personal profile, education, special features, skills, experience, approval, languages ​​and hobbies. Some templates cost as little as $ 10. You should first opt ​​for something specific with the intention to create a resume template complete. It is not difficult to find the template for the life story. Professional Biography PowerPoint Templates Create a professional presentation to show employee profiles in style. The professional biography template PowerPoint template is a modern version of business resumes that are suitable for a quick overview and highlights of a potential candidate. You can edit the resume template without effort and add your beloved persona information with ease. Few free templates contain time-saving functions, such as These include self-calculation for simple presentation, generic logos or options for adding your own logo, automatic date stacking and simple drop-down menus to choose from for elements or services to customize your invoice. Most templates also provide routine summaries of statements, payments, and most are compatible with other business software, making profit and loss statements and forecasting more efficient and accurate. Make sure that the resume template you selected is correct. Similarly, if such life story templates can greatly reduce the tense you need to write your document, it is important to use them wisely. What you will find on CV resume may still be limited. You will need to take yourself to recognize what you want to write. There is another easy way to find CV templates. Simply show the search word Vitae to a search engine in the right corner. There is another easy way to find CV templates. Simply show the word Vitae in the right corner of a search engine. There is another easy way to find CV templates. Simply show the word Vitae in the right corner of a search engine.


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Fabulous! Very attractive and clean, easy to access and most importantly, very easy to customize, especially for those who are not technical :) Recommend!

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Looks exactly as pictured when opened in Word. Easy to work with and customize. Nice template!

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Perfect! Easy to use, professional and very modern. Loved it. Thanks!

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Thank you so much - your templates really helped my husband's resume pop and it looks so great. We really appreciate your services!

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